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Warranty, spare part claim and service "Eminent Air"


  1. EMINENT AIR will provide the one year warranty of the spare parts of wall type model WLG which has Thailand No.5 Label. Additionally, compressor will be provided with ten years warranty after purchase date.
  2. EMINENT AIR provides the 2 years warranty for the spare parts of floor/ceiling type air conditioner which available with Thailand No.5 Label. Its compressor has 5 years warranty after purchase date.
  3. EMINENT AIR warrant 4-way cassette and ceiling concealed type which has Thailand No.5 Label. Either spare parts and compressor have 2 years warranty after purchase date.
  4. EMINENT AIR provides 2 years warranty for spare parts of every model which have no Thailand No.5 Label from 10,000 to 60,000 BTU/hr. Its compressor has 2 years warranty after purchase date.
  5. EMINENT AIR provides 1 year warranty for the spare parts of air conditioner which capacity is greater than 60,000 BTU. Its compressor has 1 year warranty after purchase date.
  6. EMINENT AIR will provide the warranty in case air conditioner operation is out of order due to the manufacturing error while having the usual usage excluded any damages caused by installation mistaken.
  7. The warranty does not cover when damages caused by installation error such as; inappropriate pipe welding, portable piping without oil trap or flaring. Lack of caring and improper maintenance schedule for internal-external cleaning of fan coil and condensing unit, replacing some spare parts for instance filter etc.
  8. Warranty will not cover all damages caused by labor, transportation, and refrigerant cost, etc.
  9. If company can’t find out warranty card for verification, so the warranty is not applicable.

Responsibility of Dealer

  1. Support customers the technical staff for installation, cleaning, and maintenance service.
  2. Advice customers the basic operation and provide them the warranty card. Describe warranty conditions. Notify date of selling and installation into warranty card, then sent back to EMINENT AIR. Products error notification is required.

Warranty for Spare Parts Claim

Dealer has to fill in the form of claim notification form completely.

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